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According to the degree of difficulty, we rank trekking somewhere between hiking and mountaineering. Usually trekking is closer to hiking. Most trekking tours are longer and more difficult than hiking tours.

Trekking adventures can last from a few days up to an entire month. Usually, it is necessary to carry the camping equipment along. This way the list of needed equipment gets longer.

Some trekking adventures enable staying in smaller accommodation facilities or mountain huts.

It should now be clear that trekking belongs to a category of much demanding activities than hiking. It includes walking, camping or even climbing for several days in a row.

Unlike for hiking, trekking tours usually start and end at different locations. The distance of a trekking tours is somewhere between 30 kilometres and several hundred kilometres.

Trekking is perfect for long weekends and extended holidays. Experience a night under the stars, enjoy a sunrise or fiery sunset and discover true oneness with nature.
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