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3-day trekking of the Triglav lakes – Julian Alps

Join Dean, an UIMLA certified guide, on this trekking adventure through the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park in Slovenia.


See enchanting hills and beautiful Lakes of Triglav valley

Walk from one hut to another passing craggy mountains and Alpine pastures.

See colourful mountain flowers such as the yellow Kerner Alpine poppy.

Come join me on this incredible 3-day trek in Slovenia, where we’ll wander from hut-to-hut around pristine lakes in the beautiful valley of Lepena, surrounded by high mountains, fresh air and blooming wild flowers.

We’ll walk on a sunny trail, past craggy mountains, Alpine pastures and glacial lakes in one of the most beautiful regions in Europe.

You’ll be stunned by the scenic vistas of Lake Triglav and Lake Črno surrounded by enchanting hills.

Our beautiful trek will begin and end in the Lepena Valley. It is a part of the Soča Valley through which River Soča flows. With water as green as emerald, it is considered one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe.

We’ll trek towards the glacial lake of Krnsko jezero(1385 m) from Lepena valley. Situated at the foothills of Krn mountain(2244 m), this idyllic place provides spectacular views of the neighbouring summits.

The 400m long lake is surrounded by awe-inspiring yellow Kerner Alpine poppy and white cottongrass. We’ll be reminded of the Isonzo Front as we walk past fire trenches, caverns and wire fences until we reach the cosy Komna Hut.

Next, we’ll venture into the beautiful Valley of Triglav Lakes, also known as the Seven Lakes Valley. This valley has been protected as a national park since 1924.

You’ll notice diverse wildlife, rich flora and well-developed Karst topography as we’ll walk past its varied terrain.And did you know that the legendary Goldhorn or Zlatorog is considered to reside on the heights of Mount Triglav!

We’ll visit the Double Lake (1,685m) and the Black Lake, the warmest of the Seven Lakes( 1,319m) before we reach the Bogatin hut.

On the last day, we’ll head back to Lepena valley, after spending some quality time in nature.

Day 1: Hike from Lepena Valley to Krnsko jezero lake and Komna Hut

Head towards the beautiful glacial lake of Krnsko jezero (1385 m)). It is situated at the foothills of Krn mountain(2244 m), close to the mountain lodge. Witness beautiful views of Krn and the nearby summits. Head towards Komna Hut.

Day 2: Head towards Triglav Lakes Valley to Bogatin Hut

Head towards the Valley of Triglav Lakes or the Seven Lakes Valley in the beautiful Alpine region. The valley has been protected as a national park since 1924 and boasts of a varied terrain, unique flora and Alpine animals.

Visit two lakes:

The Double Lake, next to the Hut by the Triglav Lakes(1,685m )

The Black Lake, the warmest of the Seven Lakes( 1,319m)

Day 3: Return from Bogatin Hut to Krn Lakes and eventually to Lepena Valley

Head back to the green Lepena valley passing by beautiful lakes surrounded by towering hills.

Price per person:2 persons – 375 EUR per person / 3 persons – 255 EUR per person / 4 persons – 210 EUR per person / 5– 8 persons – 180 EUR per person

 Price includes: Guiding fee, Transport during the trip and rental of personal technical equipment ( Hiking poles, climbing belt, helmet, snowshoes, etc. )

The price does not include: Transportation from your hotel to the meeting place and back to your hotel is not included in the price and must be paid in cash upon arrival (10 – 60 EUR per person). Half-board accommodation in the mountain hut or hotel for guide and clients are not included in the price.


 Trip Duration: 3 days

Mountain Range: Julian Alps, TN Park

People per Guide: 1 – 8

Trip Level: Easy

Offer Period: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct

Other details

Skill level required: Beginner

Fitness level required: Occasional

Meeting point: Your hotel or by appointment

Accommodation: Half-board in the huts

 More info: This trip involves a hike for about 5- 6 hours everyday.

INFO: +386 31 866946 or info@gotrek.si


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