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Guided one-day or multi-day hiking tours around Bled and Lake Bled

Bled is the leading Slovenian alpine resort, one of the most beautiful European tourist destinations. The intensity of the heavenly image of the place, with the lake, the isle in the middle, the castle rock and the castle, surrounded by the peaks of the Julian Alps and the Karavanke mountains in the valley, the coat with Sava Dolinka and Sava Bohinjka is an image that could not be invented even by the greatest painter.

Bled and Lake Bled as a starting point are an ideal place for short hiking tours. Bled surrounding consists of the forests of Pokljuka, Mežakla and Jelovica. Extensive forests, mountains and unpretentious peaks are a paradise for winter hiking, snowshoeing and ski touring. Pokljuka leads wonderful paths to the surrounding peaks (Mali and Veliki Draški vrh, Mrežce, Brda, Lipanski vrh, Tosc, Debeli vrh …) and the mountains (Lipanca, Uskovnica, Konjščica, Zajamniki …) Attractive and technically light mountain goals are also Begunjščica, Stol, Debela peč and Viševnik, while Vrtača, Draški vrhovi or even climb to the highest mountain of Slovenia Triglav require greater fitness preparedness.

Difficulty: easy – demanding – very demanding

Duration: 4 – 8 hours

The price per person depends on the length and number of participants on the tour Number of participants: 1 – 7 persons


Price includes: organization and management on the tour

Notes: The price does not includes food, overnight guides. There are no tolls, parking fees and tickets for cable cars

Info: +389 31 866946 / gotrek.strosar@gmail.com

Login: www.gotrek.si

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