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3 day trekking Krk island – Croatia

The island of Krk is the largest island on the Adriatic; 409 km2 (length 38 km, width up to 20 km). In 68 settlements on the island there are about 16,402 inhabitants. The highest peak of the island is Obzova (569 m). It is connected to the mainland by a beautiful bridge, which enables fast access to our destination, to start the tour. In this trekking we will also visit the island of Prvic.

It would be difficult to say with certainty whether it was first named after the ancient Croatian god of spring or by the inhabitants of the city of Vodice because it is their first nearest inhabited island. It is certain, however, that the island of Prvic hides a rich cultural heritage on a small surface. With an easy walk, it can be walked for just over two hours. Luka and Šepurine, the only two settlements, revive the scenes of the old Mediterranean on stone streets, where the noise of the sea and the serenade of cricks prevail.

Day 1:

We arrive in Baška from where we go to the Vrženica canyon. At the beginning of the canyon the trail is easy , however, the passages become igradually more difficult. It’s not too hard, but a bit of free climbing is necessary.

This part of the island is quite wild and rough.

After passing through the canyon we return to Baska where we spend the night

DAY 2:


After breakfast we take a taxi boat to the island Prvić.

We will hike and cross the island along the entire length. Surrounded by the sea with a beautiful view of the island of Krk, Goli otok, Grgur, Velebit, the feelings are unique. It si most likely not to meet any other person in this part of island, only sheep and local birds. The hike takes  from 4 to 6 hours. After arriving on the other side of the island, the taxi boat takes us back to the civilization.

DAY 3:

Starting at Baška, we climb up to the highest part of the Krk island, called the moon hill. Very rocky place without any kind of vegetation or whatsoeverer. Then our way up to the top of the Bivka and descent into the Trigeta canyon. It is necessary to have a climbing belt, helmet and technical equipment for passing throug the Trigeta canyon, which is getting more and more narrow on the way down. Atfer arriving to the sea side, we take the same route back, or take a taxi to brign us back to Baska. This part of journey is really wild and difficult and requires a good psycho-physical condition and the knowledge of the basics of climbing. But it is worth it! Unforgettable, I RECOMMEND !!

Difficulty trekking: advanced (it is necessary to know the basics of climbing  with the rope)

Walking time: about 4 to 6 hours a day.


Trip Duration: 3 days

People per Guide: 3 – 8 peoples

Trip Level: Intermediate

Offer Period: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

Type of Trip: Private


Price includes: guiding fee, travel expenses, price includes the rental of personal technical equipment (helmet, harness, etc.), meals and accommodation, half board for guide.

For all trekking tours, it is necessary to take care of food and drink from the backpack.

 INFO: +386 31 866946 ali info@gotrek.si


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