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TREKING – South Velebit – National Park Paklenica (Croatia 6 days)

TREKING – South Velebit – National Park Paklenica (Croatia 6 days)

TERMIN: for groups of 3 to 7 people by appointment, throughout the whole year.

Congregation: Paklenica, Stari grad or by previous arrangement

The Paklenica National Park is located on the slopes of the Velebit Mountain and is known for its attractive canyons Velika and Mala Paklenica, which are carved in the heart of the mountain. The vertical steep cliffs of the Velika Paklenica canyon are over 400 meters high. The park is located in the immediate vicinity of the sea, making it one of the most famous and attractive climbing destinations in Europe. Less commonly known is the fact that Paklenica National Park is an area of extremely diverse geomorphologic forms, with endemic plants and animal species. Out of 1000 recorded plant species and subspecies, 79 are endemic. The specialty of the Paklenica National Park stems from its paradoxical natural beauties – the walls of the canyon up to 700 meters high, plains covered with rare grass and dense forests of fluffy oak, karst hornbeam and black pine – rich cultural and historical heritage and several hundred kilometers of mountain paths and bezpotji.

1 Day Arrival and accommodation in Starigrad Paklenica (apartments). Departure to Veliko Rujno and the path of Bojin hook, located in the Paklenica National Park. A truly beautiful landscape decorated with sinkholes and towers. You can clap on the walls and descend on shorter ferates. It is necessary to have some experience with light climbing on rocks. Beautiful view of Velebit and the sea
2 Day
Going to Mala Paklenica. The transition through Mala Paklenica is an experience that stays forever in your memory. You need some experience in rock climbing. Slane downhill in Velika Paklenica. The stay is from 5 to 6 hours. Unforgettable !!!
3 Day
From there to the area of Vilenskih Kukovi, one of the most beautiful parts of Velebit. A great part of this route is the nocturnal. The path leads us past the Mamet cave, 50 to 60 m wide and 206 m deep. A few years ago, the first parachute jump was performed in the cave. There are many people walking along this path because it  is not marked. In short, the real adventure. It is necessary to have some experience with easier climbing.
4 Day Climb to Sveto Brdo, a famous point in South Velebit. The trail leads across the Visoravni Dušice and climbs steeply to the top of Sv, Brda 1751 m, which is 6 m lower than the highest peak of Velebit, Vangarski vrh. The most important point of South Velebit. There are no higher peaks.
5 Day A visit to the Tulovi greda group. This group is located exactly above the Sv.Rok tunnel when it goes towards the sea. In a small space so many attractions that a man is surprised when he enters this maze of walls, sinkholes, towers. Again, you need some experience with easier climbing.
 paklenica 9
6 Dan Visit Stape, Karst field surrounded by unusual relief relief. Here is also the source of drinking water, which allows for a longer rest. Here is the unusual wall of the Squirt, which is resisting time and gravity.

Difficulty trekking: Medium (some experience with light climbing and fitness is required)

Walking time: about 4 to 6 hours a day.
Price for 6 days of running on a trekking: 3 persons: 330 EUR per person 4 persons: 250 EUR per person 5 persons: 200 EUR per person 6 persons: 170 EUR per person 7 persons: 140 EUR per person

Price includes: Trekking leads and organizes a professional international mountain guide with UIMLA international license.

Price does not include: complete travel costs, overnight accommodation and meals for guests and guide, admission to the Paklenica National Park

Additional costs per person not included in the price: total indicative travel costs for  guide around EUR 180 the price of the overnight stay in the apartment, which is around EUR 75 per person the price of nights and meals, for a guide, which is about 60 EUR per person, for 3 persons. jackets for Paklenica National Park, which cost an average of EUR 20 per person for the entire trekking.

Food can be cooked in the apartments or at night in a nearby restaurant (participants take care of the food themselves)

For all tours on trekking, it is necessary to take care of food and drink from the backpack alone.

NOTE: costs are summed up and distributed among all participants and vary by number of participants.


LOGIN: www.gotrek.si

INFO: 031 866946 ali gotrek.strosar@gmail.com

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