Hiking in the Kanin mountains (1 – 2 days)

Hiking in the Kanin mountains (1 – 2 days)

Bovec and Kanin with Sello Neveo are undemanding for adventurers. In the summer, Kanin mountains is interesting for hiking, because there are mountain routes of various difficulty, from light, demanding to very demanding routes. Access to the Kanin mountains is facilitated in the summer and winter time by a ski lift leading to the Kanin ski slope.

Kanin (in Italian Canin) is a mountain range in the western Julian Alps on the border of Slovenia and Italy. The highest peak Kanin is the High Canin (in Italian: Monte Canino Alto) with 2,587 m above sea level. Pogore separates the Resia valley in Italy with the upper Soča valley in Slovenia. Due to the position and plenty of snowfall, winter tours can take place even in May.


Most of the Kanin mountains  lead to very demanding hiking trails and climb to them is a true mountaineering experience.

Kanin mountains are also known for endless hiking trails.

Do you want to visit the  Kanin mountains and the peaks? Take a walk around the beautiful Kanin mountains meadows or try multi-day tours?


Contact an experienced international mountain leader to help you advise and choose the Kanin mountains .

Summer Tour Info: www.gotrek.si

Wiew movies: www.gotrek.si

Best time: from June to late September

Conference place: Nova Gorica, Bovec, Kobarit, Tolmin, Trenta or all other locations in the Soča valley

Term: by appointment

Duration: 1 to 2 days


Walking: Time depends on the complexity of the tour and lasts from 4 to 8 hours and more.

Difficulty: easy turs, difficult turs, very difficult turs

Price per person for half day tour up to 4 haurs

1 person / 90 € per person

2 persons / 55 € per person

3 persons / 40 € per person

4 – 10 persons / 35 € per person

Price per person for one day tous up to 8 haurs

1 persons / 180 € per person

2 persons / 110 € per person

3 persons / 80 € per person

4 persons / 65 € per person

5 persons / 60 € per person

6 persons / 50 €  per person

7 persons / 45 €  per person

Price includes: Organization and professional guidance on mountain tours.

The price does not include: Transport, half board  for guide and clients.

For reservations and questions, we are available here: www.gotrek.si

 Info: +386 31 866946 / gotrek.strosar@gmail.com

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