Online sports shop with hiking, mountaineering equipment and Berghaus outfits for outdoor activities.

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The online store has a large selection of mountaineering and hiking equipment. We devoted a great deal of attention to the equipment manufactured by DEUTER, SINGING ROCK and the manufacturer of English clothes BERGHAUS.
DEUTER is a German company that produces a wide range of different backpacks (alpine, trekking, climbing, cycling, children’s, sports bags, computer bags, etc.), sleeping bags and bivouac bags, travel bags and other accessories.
SINGINK ROCK is a Czech company that manufactures mountaineering, hiking and mountaineering equipment. (Crampons, helmets, ropes, belts, protective devices …..)
SINGING ROCK is also known for the production of altitude work and rescue equipment.
BERGHAUS is an English company that manufactures hiking, mountaineering and leisure clothes. (jackets, jackets, jackets, fleece, pants, shirts …)
BERGHAUS garranty for product lifetime
Berghaus products can withstand almost everything.
For 50 years, Berghaus is constantly innovating and looking for perfection in our products. They believe that their products really stand out for what they offer to the user. They assure you that the products always fall into the tasks for which they are intended (for example, a jacket can not be a glider, but will do everything for which it is built).

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