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Mt. Mala mojstrovka – Triglav National Park

Mt. Mala Mojstrovka – Julian Alps
Three Mojstrovke: Velika (big), 2366 m, Zadnja (the last one), 2373 m. Mala (Small) 2332 m is only a Mala popular destination for mountaineers who do not have alpine ambitions. A great visit to Mojstrovk is due to the proximity of the important Vršič mountain pass, which every summer is packed with a host of domestic and foreign tourists. Most of them come to the top of the Mojstrovka by the lighter, southern route. The real delicacy of Mojstrovka is a magnificent ferate along the north wall. Without it, the mountain would be less visited and popular.
The starting point for the tour to Mala Mojstrovka is the Vršič pass. We can meet in all places located in the Soča valley. I can pick you up in Bovec, Kobarid, Tolmin, Trenti. as well as Kranjska Gora, Mojstrana, etc. We can also get to another place in the Triglav National Park and together we go to the starting point for the tour.
The term:
 from July to October
A very demanding climbing path (ferate)
Hanzova ferata: 4 – 5 hours
Suitable for families and children over 12 years of age.
Price per person for one day tour (very difficult tours): www.gotrek.si
Price includes:
The tour is guided by the Guide of Alpine Association of Slovenia
Price does not include:
The price does not include transport costs, half board in a cabin for guide and guests.

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