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Snowshoeing and winter approaches in the Kanin (mountain)


Snowshoeing and winter approaches in the Kanin (mountain)

Bovec and Kanin with Sello Neveo are soft for adventurers. During the summer, there are interesting tours on their peaks, which exceed 2000 m. In winter they are excited about guided snowshoeing and winter approaches tours. Mount Kanin or Canin, is a mountain in the Julian Alps on the border of Slovenia and Italy. Its highest summit, Big Mount Kanin (Slovene: Visoki Kanin, Italian: Monte Canin Alto) is 2,587 m above sea level. It separates the upper Soča Valley in Slovenia from the Resia Valley in Italy. Due to the high position and the abundance of snowfall, the winter approaches and snowshoeing tours is also possible in May

Dates: December/January/February/March/ April / Maj

Duration: 2-6 hoursKR2

The price per person for one dey tour varies according to the length of the tour and the numbers of participants.

Price list of guide tariffs: www.gotrek.si

Price includes😮rganization and professional management of the tour.

The price does not include: transport costs, for guide and clients

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