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Snowshoeing and winter approaches


Snowshoeing and winter approaches

Slovenia has a lot of beautiful forests and meadows of temperate slopes. These are ideal conditions for lovers of snowshoeing and winter approaches. Snowshoeing and winter aooroaches are forms of recreation that take you back to nature and offer you the way to explore its endless beauty and give you an experience  of snowshoeing and wumter approaches on the immaculate snow. With this form of recreation you maintain or even upgrade your fitness form during the winter months. The destination is unknown and will be selected according to the current snow conditions and wishes of the participants.

Date riservate: https://www.gotrek.si/en

Degree of difficulty: easy, moderate

Equipment: Clothing and footwear suitable for winter tours, avalanche triplet, snowshoes, backcountry or touring skis. (The equipment can be rent at current price list from us)

The price per person for one dey tour varies according to the length of the tour and the numbers of participants.

Price list of guide tariffs: www.gotrek.si

Price includes: Professional guiding and organization of tours.

Price does not contain: The cost of  conductor’s transport and the cost of a personal nature.

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